Sanctuary Rental for Recitals

Piano with Cheryl Closeup Piano 1 Closeup Piano 2 Children's Church with Piano in background Chancel from BalconyMeredithHilbert

We re-designed our chancel area with the goal of supporting the arts as a local venue for instrumental and voice recitals. Our sanctuary offers excellent acoustics with its barrel vaulted ceiling and our Yamaha baby grand piano is a lovely instrument for both piano recitals and voice accompaniment. The sanctuary seats up to 120 people, making a perfect space for small to medium-sized events.

WFCC Sanctuary with Cheryl David Marisa Gathering Room

Our Gathering Room, located next to the sanctuary, is included in the sanctuary rental for small receptions (under 30 people). For larger groups of up to 65, the Fellowship Hall, an adjacent building, is available for an extra fee.

We have fold out tables and chairs available in both buildings as well as a microwave, sink, refrigerator/freezer, and small coffee makers. We do not have an oven.


  • Sanctuary and Gathering Room: $125 for recitals. We will consider other types of events upon request.
  • Fellowship Hall: $75
  • Sound technician: (if needed to provide amplification or to record) $75/hour
  • Contact for questions and to check availability: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.